A Brooklyn teen and her father were out for an evening walk when they were suddenly held at gunpoint and then raped by five men inside a Brownsville playground on Thursday, police said. The 18 year old girl and her father were approached by five men and held at gunpoint. The five men told the father to leave. He left his daughter and ran to get help from police. Read the rest of the story after the jump.

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A father and daughter were out for a walk on Thursday when they were approached and held at gunpoint by five men. The men demanded that the father leave and he did to go find police for help. The 18 year old woman was raped in a Brownsville playground. The five men forcefully removed the young woman’s pants and began raping her at gunpoint. When the girls father arrived with police the suspects fled the scene but they were captured on a surveillance camera at Brooklyn bodega. The victim was taken to the Kings County Hospital and is in stable condition.

The gunman is described as a tall black male about 20-30 years old and wore a red jacket and black pants, police sources said. NYC Park advocate Geoffrey Croft says there were more than 500 violent crimes in city parks last year and yet there are no nighttime patrols. “The city needs to dramatically step up law enforcement patrols in the parks,” Croft said.
Neighbors reacted with anger about the incident.

This is a very sad unfortunate situation and it’s actually disgusting that five men would do this. Comment below and let us know what you think.

Source: NY Daily News