Yesterday afternoon, Apple Music published an interview with Bryson Tiller, where he revealed that actor Michael B. Jordan would be producing the video to his song “Exchange,” off his critically-acclaimed debut album, T R A P S O U L.

“He’s like the homie,” he said. “He just said he wanted to work on some stuff with me so we’re actually gonna work together to do the video for ‘Exchange.’ He’s gonna direct it.”

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Apparently it was one of those situations where you say too much before anything it was concrete, as Tiller is now backtracking on the statement. His camp reached out to Karen Civil to deny the report, as she tweeted:

“Update from Bryson’s Camp: Michael B. Jordan will no longer be directing ‘Exchange’ video..”

Apple has since removed the excerpt from their interview as well. Damn! Hopefully they can still collab on something in the future!

Source: KC