Matt Barnes is clearly not going to let go of what happened between him and Derek Fisher anytime soon and why should he? Even as I sit here and write this being a diehard Knicks fan, I know Fisher was 100% in the wrong and broke mancode. I still say he is lucky Barnes didn’t get to beat him down the way he wanted. This Saturday the Knicks travel to Memphis to face Barnes and the Grizzlies and Barnes has no plans to speak but he does hope they cross paths after his playing days are over.


“I don’t talk to snakes,” Barnes told the New York Daily News on Thursday night. It will be the first time both men are in the same place since their altercation during the off season that involved Barnes trying to attack him for dating his estranged wife and hanging out at the house he bought.

Barnes was suspended for two games by the NBA and the NBA Players Association filed a grievance for the salary lost when he served the ban. Barnes referred to Fisher as “snitch.”

“I never wish for another man’s downfall,” Barnes told the News when asked if he wanted to see Fisher disciplined for the confrontation last year. “I always knew the NBA would come down hard on me, so I wasn’t surprised… Cause I’m the bad guy.”

As Barnes spoke, Memphis teammates Mario Chalmers and Courtney Lee shouted “because you won (the fight)” according to the News.

“Probably,” Barnes said. “Because I didn’t snitch.”

“I know I got to keep my mouth shut because then he’ll run and tell,” Barnes added. “So we’re focused on playing that team (the Knicks). And when I’m retired, him and I will cross paths again.”