Personally I can care less about any celebrity/athlete and their relationship drama but I know there are plenty of people out there who like to sip their “tea” and all that other nonsense. The soap opera of a relationship that is Draya and Orlando Scandrick had more turns and twists this week after the engagement was allegedly called off again after rumors surfaced that Orlando may not be the father of the baby Draya is carrying. The rumors seemed to be full of crap from random blog sites but there was enough going on to get Orlando upset. Now after all that, suddenly he seems fine with the pregnancy and can’t wait to meet the baby.


Rumors were floating yesterday that Draya may be carrying the baby of Jas Prince, since they have been friends for a long time and she and Orlando have broken up numerous times which would have gave her the opportunity if she wanted to sleep with other guys. Whether she did that is really no one’s business anyway but she never doubted who the father of the baby was and she claims Orlando knows the truth as well.

Literally just one day after he made a big deal about the rumors and allegedly broke up with her, he was right back on it, commenting under her pics where she is showing off her pregnant belly, saying “I can’t wait to meet you” with a baby emoji for good measure.

We wish them the best and hopefully they avoid future drama together Check the gallery!