A few months ago we were questioning if Rick Ross was leaving Def Jam for Epic Records. Now it looks like we finally have the answers. Photos and hints via Twitter and Instagram show that the Rapper has now found a new home for his talents, Epic Records.

Kayy: Instagram || Twitter

Since 2006, Ricy Rozay has been signed to Def Jam. While under the label he has put out eight projects. Back in September, many were speculating wether Ross was going to Epic after a picture went viral of Ross and LA Reid. During a recent interview, Ross released a statement saying

“I’ma be honest, right now we are in the middle of re-negotiations. It’s a lot of people coming to the table. It’s a lot of people bringing a lot of new excitement to the table,” he said. “It is my last album [with] Def Jam Records. I’ve been nothing but successful, they been a part of everything that I’ve created. They helped built this empire that I am a part of, and I respect and love them for that. Right now, you know where we at, ya dig? Most definitely, shout out to L.A. Reid, ya dig?”

From the looks of recent Tweets, Snapchats, and Instagram post, Ross has definitely found a new home. Shout out to the Boss Rozay on his new accomplishment.