Lil Wayne was spotted in VIP Room in Dubai. That happens to be one of the biggest clubs in Dubai. If you didn’t know in some places in the Middle East they have zero tolerance for drug use and they have very harsh punishments for those who do use drugs, but I think Lil Wayne might have gotten away with sipping on some sizzurp in the club. I mean you should see what his face looks like. He looks completely strung out. Check out the picture after the jump.

Instagram | Carli Knox

Lil Wayne is no stranger to drugs and alcohol but he was spotted in a Dubai club looking a little strung out. Some places in the Middle East do not tolerate drug use and you can face very harsh punishments if caught using or selling illegal drugs. The rapper was spotted with a double cup in his hands. Hmmmm….I wonder what was i that cup Weezy. What ever it was he was enjoying it. Although sipping on some sizzurp is considered illegal some how the rules don’t apply to Lil Wayne.

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