Man Dj Khaled is on a roll if he’s ever been on one. Now the motivational speaker gives plummeting republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush some keys to help him climb back up the polls..Another one. Hit the jump.


We all thought Former President Bush’s younger brother Jeb would be dominating the polls and would eventually be our next president of the United States – partly in due to his connection’s, his family’s name and backers, and his experience of governing the state of Florida. Thanks to Donald Trump that is looking very improbable as Trump has been leading the entire running.

SO, leave it to Jimmy Kimmel to try to offer some of his help from the famous to infamous Dj Khaled, to help out Jeb:

After, Jeb Bush took to his twitter (I’m sure it was him), to thank Dj Khaled and that he had his green apples. No word on the cocoa butter though. Lol. Photos in the gallery.