Dozens of people were ejected from Saturday’s game between the Arizona Cardinals and Green Bay Packers after a huge fight broke out with a lone Seattle Seahawks fan hurt in a tussle.

The fight broke out in the stands at the University of Phoenix stadium, moments before Aaron Rodger’s miraculous Hail Mary touchdown that tied the game.  It’s unclear what started the scuffle. During the course of Saturday’s game, Glendale cops kicked out 63 fans.

You see a lone fan with a Seahawks jersey get beaten on by a couple of Cardinals fans while others tried to stop it. Words were clearly exchanged before the fight broke out.

The Seahawks fan gets ejected from the game, and you hear the videographer scream that the guy was the victim. But watch closely, before the fight erupts, you see the Seahawks fan get another guy in a headlock.

Here’s the caption the guy that taped the video wrote:

Police took my phone to forensics and I missed the Hail Mary. About halfway into the video the biggest fist fight of the night breaks out and I grabbed all of it on tape. I started filming a solid one minute prior to the escalation thinking this might blow up into something. Half a dozen arrests as a result of this footage. Look for the guy in Seattle Seahawks gears, the Arizona fans absolutely animate him. The fight does not break out until about halfway through the video.

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Posted by Paul Wesley on Saturday, January 16, 2016