Wendy Williams, how you doin’?

You can love her, hate her, say that she looks like a man, disagree with her disagreeing that mothers should not breastfeed in public, or laugh at her when she falls, however, the 51-year-old talk show host is getting it. It has been announced that The Wendy Williams Show will continue on through its 11th season, which will last into the year 2020.

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Many were worried that Wendy would make it back to television with an extended contract, but her show would not; turns out that burgundy chair and Wendy’s but in it will be aired on television a lot longer than expected.

Ira Bernstein and Mort Marcus, Co-Presidents of Lionsgate-owned Debmar-Mercury said in a statement, “Wendy’s across-the-board strength in the demo most important to advertisers has made this talk show an indispensable part of stations’ daytime schedules. With these renewals, our valuable station partners can be assured this key lynchpin of their lineups will continue for many years to come, especially when it comes to having a powerful and dependable entertainment lead-out from many of their important morning news blocks. None of this would be possible without Wendy’s extraordinary talent and ability to captivate millions of loyal viewers each day.”.

Wendy responds excitedly to the news by saying, “We are truly grateful. Let’s get it!”

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#IJS: Most people that does not like Wendy does the same thing she does. The only thing is she has a larger platform and gets paid for it. I’m just sayin’ don’t be mad.

SOURCE: Variety