The estranged twin sister of Eminem’s ex-wife, Kim, has reportedly died from a drug overdose. 40-year-old Dawn Scott is said to have passed away on Tuesday in the Motor City Trailer Park in Detroit. The drug appears to have been heroine, but the official toxicology report is pending.

Dawn had been battling drugs for a long time, and it got so bad, Eminem and Kim ended up adopting her daughter, Alaina, and raising her. Prior to her death, Dawn blamed Kim and Em for not helping her, while her boyfriend echoed her sentiments. They allege that Dawn was homeless for two years, and Kim wanted to “let her go,” but I’m more than sure Dawn was helpless and Kim exhausted her resources long ago. They took in her child, for goodness sake!

Either way, prayers to the families affected in what I’m sure is a tough time.

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Source: DM