It’s safe to say the Josh Smith experiment with the Los Angeles Clippers has not worked out. When they signed him in the off season most people scratched their heads as to why they would want him. An athletic guy but with a very limited game, especially at this stage in his career. So with that said, they didn’t even wait till the middle of the season to send him packing. They just worked out a trade with his former team, the Houston Rockets.


According to NBA guru Adrian Wojnarowski, the Clippers sent Smith back to the Rockets for pretty much nothing. The Clippers will get the rights to some foreign players and some cash.

Smith played for the Rockets in the later part of last season and was pretty decent after the Pistons released him making him a free agent. He has struggled greatly this season. He was averaging four six points and four rebounds and lost his spot in the rotation. It’s not surprising that he was traded, as it was obvious he was not helping the Clippers.

Smith has continued to try and play positions on the court that just don’t suit him. He swears he is a good three point shooter, yet shoots terrible from downtown. He has never really lived up to the potential he had coming into the league years ago. He was average at best when he was in his prime and it’s pretty much all downhill from here.