NBA: Clippers Trade Josh Smith Back To The Houston Rockets

It’s safe to say the Josh Smith experiment with the Los Angeles Clippers has not worked out. When they signed him in the off season most people scratched their heads as to why they would want him. An athletic guy but with a very limited game, especially at this stage in his career. So with that said, they didn’t even wait till the middle of the season to send him packing. They just worked out a trade with his former team, the Houston Rockets.

(Video) NBA: Lance Stephenson & Josh Smith Slap Box During Clippers/Rockets OT

Ahhh slap boxing, a great African American male pastime.  The Los Angeles Clippers played the Houston Rockets on Monday night and the game went into overtime.  The Clippers eventually won the game 140-132.  With the game pretty much wrapped up, Lance Stephenson and Josh Smith decided to have some fun on the sideline with some good old slap boxing.

NBA: Josh Smith Wants To Clear Up Comment About Life Being “Hard” Making $6.9 Million

When you are making $6.9 million dollars a year it is hard to convince those who might make $40,000 that you could have it rough just like them. That is the impression Josh Smith gave last week when during an interview he mentioned life would be harder taking a pay cut for next season, an amount that equates to $6.9 million between what the Pistons owe him and his salary with the Clippers. That’s after making around $100 million for his career overall. I never thought he was purposely trying to make it seem like he was going to struggle, just that he chose his words badly. Lots of people jumped on him and he wanted to clarify what he meant.

NBA: Josh Smith Says It Will Be “Hard” To Live Off $6.9 Million Dollars Next Season

I realize it was likely not Josh Smith’s intent to come out and make it seem like he is complaining about being a millionaire but this is terrible. Smith took a pay cut to sign with the Clippers and will get the minimum from them, plus money the Pistons owe him, which totals up to about $6.9 million. While most of us dream of that type of money and could be set for life by being smart with it, Smith thinks it will be a struggle to live off of that amount.

NBA: Josh Smith Calls Atlanta Hawks Fans “Bandwagoners”

Josh Smith played with the Atlanta Hawks for nine seasons and during that time he averaged 15.3 points and eight rebounds a game.  Smith is an Atlanta native and the Hawks were good during that time but never great.  They were mired in mediocrity and just couldn’t seem to get over the hump or find that missing pice.  Smith didn’t help things much; his time was split between launching ill-advised jump shots and poor decision making but sometimes showing off his stunning athleticism.  After the nine seasons Smith bolted to the Detroit Pistons but even they became fed up and new coach and president Stan Van Gundy made the shocking decision of cutting him even with his large contract.  The Houston Rockets picked him up and Smith returned to Atlanta on Tuesday night with his new team to face his old team.

(Video) NBA: Brandon Jennings Hits Game Winner Against Spurs, Pistons 6-0 Since Dropping Josh Smith!

It started off as a joke but the curse of Josh Smith is starting to look real.  His former team, the Atlanta Hawks are at the top of the Eastern Conference with a 26-8 record and now the Detroit Pistons have gone 6-0 since they shockingly waived his massive contract and dropped him from the team.

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