There’s been a lot of hip-hop headlines this week….all led by talks of Amber Rose playing with Kanye’s ass. But, before former Mrs. Khalifa jumped in the twitter beef Kanye made bashing comments about owning Wiz’s son. After a week of hearing it from all sorts of people probably about whether that was wrong, he takes to Twitter once again to say he’ll never speak on kids again. Hit the jump.


It wasn’t an apology of any kind….or maybe that’s just the way Kanye apologizes subtly. But after news broke yesterday of Wiz Khalifa threatening Kanye on stage during a performance in Chile by yelling “We coming for you Kanye, better run n***a!”, maybe ‘Ye realized this was getting serious and decided to offer the smallest peace treaty he can without showing vulnerability.

“God’s dream… Never speak on kids again… all love … all blessings…”

This tweet comes after Mr. West claimed to own Wiz’s child Sebastain, all because Kanye was with Amber Rose first…doesn’t really add up, but wouldn’t that mean that Ray J owns North and Saint West because he was with Kim before ‘Ye was? Either way these innocent children shouldn’t be brought into a hip-hop beef when the initial accusations weren’t even that serious.

Hit the gallery for ‘Ye’s tweet.