Apparently a parent can’t even discipline his child anymore. Ronald Jackson was arrested and charged with property theft as he took his daughters phone away to discipline her. Upon taking the girl’s phone away, she went to her friends house where she called her mother. Moments later, Jackson received a knock on his door from police, who took him away in handcuffs.

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Michelle Steppe, the girl’s mother said she and her new boyfriend bought the phone for her daughter. However, the phone was under Jackson’s plan. Jackson since breaking up with his daughter’s mother has moved on. They share custody of their daughter. As Jackson’s daughter was in his house, under his roof, she sent out a text to a friend saying,

“I don’t like his ratchet girlfriend or her kids.”

We all know what the girl meant by ratchet. She clearly wasn’t feeling her dads new family. Upon Jackson reading the text he took the phone away from his child and refused to give it back. Jackson told CBS,

“I was being a parent. A child does something wrong, you teach them what’s right.”

A Dallas County Criminal Court judge ruled that the state did not have enough on Jackson to continue the case. The judge also order that the jury find him not guilty. Steppe released a statement saying,

“I stand behind him taking the phone for punishment; I don’t stand behind him not returning the phone to me when the visit was over. Parents have the right to discipline their kids. I’ve taken away phone privileges. It had to do with giving back property that did not belong to him.”

Jackson and his relationship with his daughter is not ruined. Steppe says,

“She wrote him a letter and knocked on the door and handed it to him, in the letter, she listed the dictionary definition of a father and said, ‘You have never been any of these things to me.’ She asked him to relinquish his parental rights so she could be adopted by her stepdad.”

Thats pretty sad. Steppe also says that Jackson asked to relinquish his rights. That case is pending.
Steppe says,

“She’s heartbroken; she’s devastated and I’m really sad that he’s doing this to her. Don’t smear her. Don’t make her look like a sexting teen, an out-of-control teen. Don’t mess with her life.”

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