Cardi B loves her some Tommy and she proudly announces it. Cardi who is on the current season of Love & Hip-Hop proclaims her love for her boyfriend who is currently locked up. On Monday’s espidose she shared with viewers that a big wedding isn’t her thing. She states that she is totally okay with having a jail wedding.

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Everyone was coming for Cardi saying thats ratchet and ghetto. Truth be told, thats her choice. Cardi took to Instagram to address the slander. She says she will marry her man on the freeway if she had to because its the love that matters. She also came for all the men with empty pockets tryna come for her. Cardi is usually pretty silent so you can tell this really bothered her. You get married wherever you need to Cardi. Forget those who oppose.

Source: IG (@theshaderoom)