When Fif heard there was new evidence that leads to Puff Daddy hiring the murders of Tupac Shakur and his manager notorious Suge Knight, we all knew what was next. Fif had some fun with this one, before he realized the legalities and dangers of a situation like this he took down his Instagram posts except for one. Hit the jump.


The post that is still up boasts:

“LMAO SO PUFFY WIT THE SHIT HUN ? ? SEE YOU GOTTA WATCH THESE PUNKS,? SCARY ASS NI66AS A TRY YOU. #nopuffyjuice he killed Your favorite Rapper”

And for a quickly deleted video post of him on the phone behind the wheel, Fif excalimed:

“I told you you can’t trust these n*ggas. Puffy done killed Tupac!”
“Damn fool you killed my favorite rapper? Fuck you Puffy,” wrote 50 in the caption of the video post.

The aformentioned officer, Greg Kading, once led a task force investigating the deaths of both Shakur and Biggie and made similar claims against Puffy in his 2011 book “Murder Rap.” Now he claims to have new evidence which will opportunistically be revealed in an upcoming Netflix documentary of the same name.

The greatest rap mystery continues. Stay tuned.


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