If you know Lebron James, you know “March Madness” by Future is one of his favorite songs. Anytime it comes on and he is on camera, you immediately see him get hyped and usually singing right along like he was in a video. Last night he got the chance to perform the song during an all star weekend karaoke party. The clip is short but you can tell he is ready to go in. Also in the house was Amber Rose who grabbed the mic herself at one point. Check the gallery for pictures of her.


Lebron & Drake threw the party which was held in Toronto at the House of Tings and was sponsored by Beats By Dre. The reason the video clips are short and why there isn’t many pics is because there was a no phone policy but of course a few people figured a way to be sneaky. Inside the event, Trap Karaoke was going on in one of the rooms and that’s when King James got his chance.