We all know Blac Chyna is the queen of cooking. If you have her on Snapchat, you know that she is forever cheffing it up with her boo, Rob Kardashian. Kylie Jenner took and made her own, “Cooking with Kylie” which is suppose to be “Cooking with Chyna.” Chyna did not think this was funny.

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Chyna gets down in the kitchen. Now Kylie, ehhhh maybe not so much which is why people are saying this is shade. Chyna’s snaps always breaks down the meals she’s cooking. Kylie took and tried to mock Chyna by setting up her own kitchen as if she was doing a cooking show. Chyna posted a picture on IG of her food account and captioned it,

“Bitch Bye Follow @cookingwithChyna #infatuatedwithChy”

Source: IG (@Theshaderoom)