While in Radford, Virginia, Donald Trump had black lives matter posters removed. Ofcourse the people were not too happy about this. Protestors interrupted Trump during his speech and gave them a piece of their mind.

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Before escorting the protestors out, Trump asked one of them,

“Are you from Mexico?”

He then said,

“If you want to stay and you can hear the end of the story because you know what? You’re moving back to the United States.”

As Trump demanded the posters to be removed, people were chanting, “U.S.A”

Trump then said,

“you’re going to hear this, you’re going to hear it once. . .All Lives Matter!”

Trump then spoke on unifying the country by saying,

“ Believe it or not, we’re going to unify this country. This is a country that’s in big trouble, bigger than you understand folks. We’re like a third world country, we’re going to straighten out our country, we’re going to unify our country.”

Source: Theshaderoom