Tyrese is not too fond of Chris Rocks Grammy Speech. Although Tyrese says he did not watch the Grammy’s what he saw online was not appealing to him.

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Tyrese says he did not appreciate the jokes Chris Rock made about Jada Pinkett. He says Rock actually “fucked his night up.” Tyrese says Jada took the initiative to make a difference and Rock made fun of it. He took to Instagram to caption his video saying,

“I didn’t watch – I didn’t – but online people are talking and someone posted the tasteless joke that Chris Rock did in his opening – Did you really use your STAGE to tear down and diminish one of the strongest most fearless black women IN this town as the world watched??? Jokes are just jokes right???? Not when someone is trying to affect change……… Not when someone is willing to put it ALL on the line to affect change for our daughters and sons of the future…….. Shame on you Chris Rock – Now let me run to YouTube and watch Leo’s acceptance speech………… So fucking proud of you Leo……”

Check out the video below.

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