(Video) MLB: Chris Rock Wonders What Happened to African Americans in Baseball?

IFWT_Chris Rock Real Sports

Throughout 2015, REAL SPORTS features segments spotlighting a different comedy star from the HBO family, who closes each show with a personal, unfiltered take on an element of sports.  This month on REAL SPORTS, longtime HBO favorite Chris Rock offers his take on African-Americans and baseball.

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(Video) Mike Epps Talks Black People, Hollywood & Beef With Kevin Hart & Chris Rock


Comedian Mike Epps recently stopped by The Madd Hatta Morning Show to chop it up. He spoke out about Hollywood, his past beef with Kevin Hart and Chris Rock, comedians being sensitive people, Empire vs. Scandal and much, much more.

Get into the full interview below to hear what Mike Epps has to say!

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(Video) NBA: Chris Rock Jokes to Mark Jackson That Now Steph Curry Wants to Play Defense For the White Man

IFWT_Mark Jackson Stephen Curry

Comedian Chris Rock often makes jokes involving race, some have truth to them, and some are just in good fun, like this one for example.  Rock appeared in a tribute video wishing former Warriors head coach Mark Jackson a happy 50th birthday.  In the video, he joked about Stephen Curry and the Warriors improved defense under new coach Steve Kerr.

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Isaiah Washington Talks D.W.B. & Clears Up His Chris Rock Should “Adapt” Statement


“Stopped by the cops again wish me luck,” is what started it all. The caption was attached to an Instagram photo posted by Chris Rock, who says that over the course of seven weeks, police pulled him over on three separate occasions. In comes former Grey’s Anatomy actor, Isaiah Washington who advised that Rock go a little more subtle with his vehicle selection. Washington tweeted out that because of driving while black, police frequently stopped him as well, which is why, “I sold my $90,000.00 Mercedes G500 and bought 3 Prius’s,” he writes. Washington tells Rock that he should “adapt” to the circumstances. Hmm, yeah no.

Since fans attacked Washington for his unsolicited advice, he stopped by ‘CNN Tonight’ to talk to Don Lemon about what it’s like to be profiled while d.w.b. and what he really means about Rock adapting.

Check out the interview down bottom.

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(Photos) Chris Rock Jokes About Suge Knight’s Photoshopped ‘Legally Blind’ Courtroom Picture!

_Chris Rock Jokes About Suge Knight

Chris Rock joked about Suge Knight’s photoshopped ‘Legally Blind’ courtroom picture(That we saw Tat Wza post 1st). Find out what Chris Rock said about the photoshopped picture and check out the photos of him in the gallery below!

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(Video) Bill Cosby Thanks Eddie Murphy For Refusing To Play Bill On “SNL 40,”


Bill Cosby Thanks Eddie Murphy For Refusing To Play Bill On “SNL 40,” “I am very appreciative of Eddie and I applaud his actions,” said bill. Eddie Murphy is a comedic genius but it seem like the industry has taken his laughter.It is reported that MacDonald,Canadian stand-up comedian, writer, producer and actor “tried for an hour to convince Eddie Murphy to take part in the sketch but said Murphy would not budge —even after MacDonald showered him with adulation.” They ended up doing the skit with Kenan Thompson who historically has imitated Bill Cosby. Eddie has been off put with SNL for a while now. Find out why after the jump.

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SNL40: Kanye West To Perform On Saturday Night Live’s Reunion Special?


Saturday Night Live’s 40th Reunion Special is on the way and they are bringing past guests Kanye West and Justin Timberlake along for the ride. Justin has been pretty busy prepping for fatherhood and Kanye, in addition to already being a dad has been heavily working on music. We’re hoping that Mr. West will perform “Only One“, especially since Paul McCartney is also one of the many guests to appear on the SNL40 special.

“The reunion begins,” February 15 at 8 p.m. est. The 3-hour special will highlight some of the best moments from musical talent as well as SNL alumni’s comedic stand-up.

Drop down bottom for more #SNL40 guests.

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(Photo) Mike Epps Apologizes To Chris Rock For Bashing ‘Top 5′ Movie


Mike Epps Apologizes To Chris Rock
Earlier this Week Mike Epps had some harsh words to say about the new film by the Brooklyn Resident Chris Rock titled ‘Top 5 ‘.Making statements in a interview not to far back, Mike Epps was implying that Chris Rock “isn’t even a movie star”. Mike Epps has cleared up his comments regarding Chris Rock’s recent comedy film Top Five on twitter. Want to Check out the Details , Photos and Tweets from the Comedians ? CLICK READ MORE ! WE GOT IT ALL FOR YA ! #IFWT

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That Was Fast! Chris Rock Spotted Out In St. Barts With New Mysterious Woman!


It’s only been a few days since Chris Rock announced his divorce from ex-wife of 19 years, Malaak Compton-Rock but that didn’t stop the comedian from sneaking away to an island with another woman. Rock was apparently spotted in St. Barts with a “mysterious woman” on Vivi Nevo’s luxurious yacht with other famous people in the industry such as Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, Rick Rubin, Darren Aronofsky and movie producer Thomas Langmann.

According to multiple sources, the woman is indeed Rock’s girlfriend. The two were spotted partying it up at Diddy’s New Years Eve party together. Hmmmm, too soon? Or do you think Chris and Malaak were having marital issues for so long that it’s completely cool for him to move on so soon after making their split legal? Drop your comments below.

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Chris Rock Addresses Rumors That He Divorced His Wife To Sleep With Rosario Dawson!


Popular comedian Chris Rock recently filed for divorce from his ex-wife Malaak Compton-Rock of 19 years. Rumors are circulating that he called it quits to sleep with actress Rosario Dawson but Rock is denying the entire thing. Chris’ rep said, “There is no truth to that. The rumor is 100 percent untrue.” They then went on to say, “Chris just wasn’t happy in the marriage anymore. There is no third party involved . . . Chris and his wife had previously separated and got back together, so there have been problems for some time.”

Rosario is a baddie though so that would be a pretty cute situation if the two did end up magically getting together. Do you think if Chris Rock DID want to smash Rosario he would go to the extent of divorcing his wife just to do so? Knowing these industry men, probably NOT!

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