A catholic priest was caught on tape snorting cocaine. Father Stephen Crossan had a party at his home where the act was committed. After snorting the coke, Crossan put on a Nazi hat and did a salute.

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You can hear him say in the video,

“I shouldn’t before snorting the white powder off a plate while talking to a friend.”

When a reporter asked Crossan about the incident, he said,

“It was just the one night and that was it. I do not have an issue with drugs.”

A person who attended the event says it was very shocking to see Crossan do a Nazi salute especially since he is suppose to be a “upstanding member of society.”

Crossan was asked if he was a Nazi supporter. He said,

“I’m no Nazi. I collect historical stuff. There’s stuff there from every country.”

He says at the time the video was taken, he was out on sick leave because he was dealing with depression.

Source: Rawstory