Mr.Robot had a very successful first season and is now getting ready for season two which will be airing this summer. The Golden Globe winning drama has made headlines for it’s amazing cinematography and a powerful performance from it’s lead actor Rami Malek. With a new up and coming season the show will be making some additions to the show. Rapper Joey Bada$$ will be apart of season two and fans are pretty excited about it.

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Mr.Robot will be gearing up for season two coming to USA this summer. With a new sason coming that means making some additions to the show. Joey Bada$$ will be apart of the shows upcoming season playing a friend of Malek Elliot. His character will apparently be a man from Elliot’s neighborhood who talks too much but may end up giving Elliot some wise life advice.

Looks like Joey Bada$$ is making some big moves this year. The new season will be coming to USA this summer so make sure you guys check it out.

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Source: Complex