A bloody knife was found buried by a construction worker on the estate of O.J. Simpson’s back in 1998 and a police officer who was more concerned with possible notoriety or money didn’t tell anyone about it for almost twenty years! Now that he finally was forced to come clean, police are conducting a super secret investigation into the knife itself.


The construction worker found the knife buried on the grounds back in 1998 when the house was being demolished. He took the knife and happened to find a member of the LAPD nearby in the street and told him what he found and gave it to him.

The officer was actually off duty at the time and providing security for a movie shoot and he decided to keep the knife and never told anyone within the department about it. Upon retiring earlier this year, he finally told a friend who worked in the robbery homicide division that he had the weapon and wanted to get it framed for his wall. He wanted his friend to get the DR (Departmental Record) number for the Nicole Brown Simpson/Ronald Goldman murder case, which he planned on engraving in the frame.

We’re told the friend was indignant, and told his superiors. The brass was outraged and demanded that the retired cop turn the knife over, which he did.

Our sources say the knife is currently being tested for hair and fingerprints. It will be moved to the Serology Unit next week, where it will be tested for DNA and other biological evidence.

A witness to the knife within the department said it appeared to have blood on it but there was also some rust on it as well. Police are testing it for DNA, hair and fingerprints and are doing so in such a secretive way that they are submitting things into the computer system much differently than they would do any other time.

A short time ago today, LAPD Captain, Andrew Neiman spoke on the investigation and the details thus far. He urged caution for now with the story until they can confirm more things because in his own words, this could “be bogus from the get go”. He seemed disappointed with the officers actions if everything is indeed true.

Neiman said Simpson was found not guilty, but in the eyes of the LAPD, the case was never truly closed.

“Unless there is an arrest or conviction, the case remains open, and that is where we are with (this) case,” he said.

It almost doesn’t matter though because even if this was some key piece of evidence, O.J. can not be prosecuted for the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. So unless they think someone else was guilty it likely won’t mean much. Still, it’s pretty interesting to hear about this now.