George Martin, aka “The Fifth Beatle”, has passed away after leaving a legacy behind producing The Beatle’s top hits. Read more after the jump.

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Martin passed away early this morning in his London home. Martin met The Beatles’ in 1962 and had no faith that they would grow to become one of the most influential and great bands of all time. He felt their music was “all over the place”, but grew to love them fast and is quoted as saying:

“They were like plants in a hothouse. They grew incredibly fast.”

John Lennon & Paul McCartney were the initial songwriters for the group and didn’t work well with Martin at first. But after George had the idea to add a string quartet to one of their hit song’s “Yesterday”, the relationship quickly flourished. McCartney didn’t understand at first implying that “We’re a rock ‘n’ roll band!”. Paul eventually eased up and empowered Martin to add a cello and violin. Paul would eventually grow to call George “a second father” and the rest is history.

George Martin was 90 years old. Rest in peace.