Chief Keef’s baby mother, who we know as “slim danger,” is still posting pictures of her and Waka Flocka insinuating that she and Flocka are seeing each other. Mind you Waka is married. Tammy Rivera cleared the air a few days ago with some DM’s but that seems to not matter to Slim much. Im pretty lost as to why this is even going on since Slim is indeed pregnant with Chief Keef’s baby.

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Slim took to Instagram to post a picture of her and Waka with the caption being,

I’ll go to war with God behind you ?

Pretty disrespectful to God but Slim already mentioned she does not believe in God so no need for us to get upset. Looks like Slim is playing with fire because we know how Tammy Rivera gets about her man. We will be on the lookout for that response.

Earlier today, Chief Keef’s other baby mother says she has had a miscarriage. We will keep her in our prayers.

Source: IG