(Photo + Video) Slim Danger Comes Back For Tammy Rivera

Slim Danger is back at it again. Danger is Chief Keef’s baby mother. She claims to be in a secret relationship with Waka Flocka. She has now posted a picture of Tammy with a message for her.

(Photo) Waka Flocka Calls Chief Keef’s Baby Mother Delusional

Waka Flocka has been pretty quiet throughout this whole chief keef baby momma drama. Slim Danger who is Keef’s baby mother, keeps claiming that she and Waka are in a relation of some sort. Tammy Rivera came to calm the storm by telling Slim to fall back. Waka Flocka is now clapping back at Slim after a comment she made under his Instagram today.

(Photo) Slim Danger Says Chief Keef’s Other Baby Mother Is Lying About Having A Miscarriage

So when I tell you guys this situation is getting messy, its getting MESSY! You guys must be pretty familiar with Chief Keef’s baby mother known as Slim Danger. She is also the one who is claiming to be with Waka Flocka. Well today she took to Instagram to say that Chief Keef’s other baby mother Simone was never pregnant. Simone posted a message on her Instagram saying that she had a miscarriage. Slim then posts a DM showing that Simone told her she was not pregnant or with Keef.

(Photo) Chief Keef’s Baby Mother Posts More Pictures Of Her And Waka Flocka

Chief Keef’s baby mother, who we know as “slim danger,” is still posting pictures of her and Waka Flocka insinuating that she and Flocka are seeing each other. Mind you Waka is married. Tammy Rivera cleared the air a few days ago with some DM’s but that seems to not matter to Slim much. Im pretty lost as to why this is even going on since Slim is indeed pregnant with Chief Keef’s baby.

Woman Miscarries Chief Keef’s Baby After Revealing Alleged Affair With Waka Flocka

Earlier this week, one of two women currently carrying more Chief Keef babies took to social media to allege that she’s having an affair with Waka Flocka. This resulted in a war of words with Waka’s wife, Tammy Rivera, and now she has another update. Unfortunately, Simone has lost her child, and she revealed the miscarriage on Instagram last night. Shortly afterward, the other woman carrying Keef’s baby, Slim Danger, gloated that she’s very much still with child. Check out the posts in the gallery. Prayers up.

(Photo) Tammy Rivera Claps Back At Chief Keef’s Baby Mother

This morning, Tammy Rivera and Chief Keef’s baby mother were going back and forth over a Instagram post that Keef’s BM posted. Rivera took one last comment to Keef’s baby mother just to to give some encouraging words.

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