So when I tell you guys this situation is getting messy, its getting MESSY! You guys must be pretty familiar with Chief Keef’s baby mother known as Slim Danger. She is also the one who is claiming to be with Waka Flocka. Well today she took to Instagram to say that Chief Keef’s other baby mother Simone was never pregnant. Simone posted a message on her Instagram saying that she had a miscarriage. Slim then posts a DM showing that Simone told her she was not pregnant or with Keef.

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This is just as messy as the whole Waka situation. Slim has posted a dm between her and Simone in which Simone says she was not pregnant by Keef. Simone has since responded to Slim with pictures of miscarriage papers from a hospital and a message calling Slim out. Simone also posted her DM’s showing that she indeed told Slim she was pregnant although it was not in her plans to have a baby. She also denied being with Waka Flocka. These two continued to exchange photos and screenshots all over Instagram.

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