After doing 75 in a 55mph zone, Carlos Adonis Ramos-Erazo was stopped by police. When asked why he was speeding, Erazo claims he had to go to the bathroom really bad. When asked to get out of the car, he refused.

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The cop reached inside of the car to try and unlock the door, which is when Erazo sped off. This is where he messed up. Then again, what exactly do you do in that situation? After undergoing a pursuit, the chase stopped at Erazo’s home where he aimed for the door to go inside and use the bathroom. The cop tazed him at the door. Crazy part is, Erazo did not poop his pants while getting tazed. He was then handcuffed and put in the back of a police car where he could no longer hold his bowels. Erazo then pooped and also urinated in the back of the cop car.

Carlos Adonis Ramos-Erazo could be facing charges of battery on a law enforcement officer, aggravated assault with a motor vehicle and resisting arrest.