(Video) EWW: Man Craps Himself In The Middle Of A Super Market

This is so nasty! In a video we can see a man conversing with a woman in a supermarket. This turns into a whole other ordeal as the man then craps himself.

Man Poops In The Back Of A Police Car After Trying To Speed To The Nearest Bathroom

After doing 75 in a 55mph zone, Carlos Adonis Ramos-Erazo was stopped by police. When asked why he was speeding, Erazo claims he had to go to the bathroom really bad. When asked to get out of the car, he refused.

(Caught On Tape) Woman Constantly Sh*ts Outside Near Man’s House!!

Remember Chappelle’s Show, where he would portray druggie, Tyrone Biggums? Well, in New Mexico, one man’s surveillance camera has captured a woman that has something in common with Biggums. She sh*ts out on the sides of houses. The homeowner told news reporters that he initially assumed that the feces belonged to a homeless person, but when it kept occurring, his curiosity led him to install a camera facing the site. And, to his surprise, he saw a female jogger detour her route to squat and– well, see for yourself below.

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