Lecrae has been making music for about a decade now and a Canadian Christian College in Toronto is ready to award the rapper for his impact by awarding him with an honorary doctorate degree in music. Congrats Lecrae! Hit the jump for the full story.

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According to Toronto Sun, Lecrae was given the award when his Higher Learning Tour stopped in Toronto Monday March 14th.

School president Dr. Charles McVety stated:

“His talents are amazing, as are his achievements. But even more important is his outreach to troubled youth. Over the college’s 50-year history, it has bestowed honorary degrees to notable leaders such as the Hon. Jim Flaherty, lieutenant-governor David Onley, Rev. Franklin Graham and now Lecrae, who will be the youngest recipient of such a degree.”

Now that’s an award. Lecrae’s last album, Anomaly, topped the Billboard charts upon it’s release in September 2014 and he has been touring the country giving motivational speeches about his faith.