A viral meme has created a rather interesting debate. The meme was of a fictional relationship between two people, “Keith and Tameka.” “Tameka” is a neurosurgeon who makes 400K a year, and her husband “Keith” is a retail manager who makes $44,000 a year. Big difference.

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The story went on to say that Tameka takes care of her husband buying him a car, paying for their honey moon and more. The question was is this okay. Should a woman be able to take on the financial aspects of a relationship. A lot of people were saying that a man should step in and do it. Some were saying she should have never married Keith because he can not provide for her. In contrast, people were saying you get married for love and not for financial benefits. Me personally, I think financials should always be split 50/50. What do y’all think?

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Source: TSR