11-year-old Mikaela Ulmer is making boss moves at such a early age. Ulmer has just signed a million dollar deal with Whole Foods to sell her all natural lemonade.

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Last year, while appearing on “Shark Tank,” Ulmer won $60,000 for her BeeSweet lemonade. After being stung by two bees when she was younger, she and her mother did research about the endangered status of bees. Upon doing that, the two decided that instead of using sugar to sweeten Lemonade, they were going to use honey. Interesting! Ulmer’s plan is to save bees. A lot of her money goes to organizations that are working to do the same.

The lemonade is a recipe that her grandmother had made. It will be sold at 55 Whole Foods stores. This is awesome! Congratulations to Mikaela Ulmer! Love to see success in our youth. Keep going girl!