I’m not a businessman…I’m a business, man. RiFF RaFF is building his business up these days, just signing a huge deal for his corporation “Neon Nation”, only months before he drops his “Peach Panther” album. Hit the jump!

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According to Billboard, Riff Raff has partnered with Stampede Management & BMG. Two of Neon Nation Corp.’s first releases are RiFF RAFF’s “Carlos Slim” single and his “Peach Panther” album set for a June release.

To Billboard Riff Raff disclosed:

“I’m glad to finally have my Peach Panther album done, and the new single ‘Carlos Slim’ out. I’m also excited to announce my new $4,000,000 Neon Nation Corporation, which is more than just a record label. We’ll be investing in movies and talent across the globe to build an entertainment empire not just in music.”

And Mr. Highroller keeps on rolling —