ChyRo is waisting no time on planning out the wedding. Source close to the couple says they do not want a long engagement, meaning they’re just ready to do the damn thing. Apparently the two have already started planning out the ceremony and even the guest list. We recently reported that Rob’s sisters have not shed any light on the engagement. Well Rob posted a video of his sister, Kim sending him a crying video. Ofcourse we know Kim was making a joke out of the situation but this is the first we’ve seen of any of the Kardashians addressing the engagement.

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In the snapchat video, Kim has a crying filter and tells her brother that they really need to talk. Rob posted the video with the caption,

“Had to post this snap my sis sent me. LOL she’s got jokes! #KimsCryFace.”

These two are clearly unbothered and can careless what anyone has to say and thats the way it should be. I’m pretty happy for ChyRo. Gotta give Blac Chyna credit she has Rob eating better, working out. dropping pounds, and even showing face in public. S/o’s to them!

Source: Complex || TMZ