IFWT_Steph Jordan cry

Draymond Green said Michael Jordan told him and the Golden State Warriors to break the 96′ Chicago Bulls 72-10 record.  On Wednesday night they did it; after beating the Memphis Grizzlies 125-104, the Warriors finished at 73-9, the new record.  Following the game, Jordan and Scottie Pippen, former members of the Bulls, had words for the Warriors.

“I want to congratulate the Warriors on their amazing season,” Jordan said in a statement. “The game of basketball is always evolving and records are made to be broken. The Warriors have been a lot of fun to watch and I look forward to seeing what they do in the playoffs.”

Some people think Jordan was throwing a little shade with the playoffs part.  The Bulls went 15-3 in the playoffs that year to win the Championship.  If the Warriors don’t win a championship, the season will be considered a failure despite the record finish.

Scottie’s tweet in the gallery above

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