IFTW_Red Dead 2 Map Leak

An independent source linked to TechRadar has confirmed true the newly leaked map for Rockstar’s sequel to the old western third-person shooter, Red Dead Redemption!

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The new map for the Red Dead Redemption sequel was originally posted to NeoGaf by an individual claiming to have received it from another inside source. It wasn’t too long before that same person removed the photo. Being that it was placed on the internet, someone was bound to grab it immediately. However, many questioned the legitimacy of the photo.

But it turns out that this map will be the playground for the upcoming sequel, as a source apart of the dev team in Rockstar has confirmed this to TechRadar, when TechRadar reached out to them.

It was also confirmed the game will take place before the events of Redemption, and the new map is just East of the previous location in the first Red Dead Redemption title.

IFWT_RDR Maps side by side

Taking a look at the maps side by side (old map on the left) you’ll see the Great Plains and how the old map lacks the railroad which was actually featured in the first Red Dead. The new map shows the inclusion of the Great Plains and how the map will now extend Northeast of the previous location.

The new map also shows there will be caravan camps scattered throughout, hinting to a more vacant West. TechRadar made a link between the two games with this observation, stating,

“The overarching theme of Red Dead Redemption was the ‘death of the West,’ so a prequel, rather than a sequel, makes sense.”

The release date, and actual name for the new Red Dead Redemption title is still unannounced.

Source: TechRadar