IFWT_Golds Sanders Invitation

George Clooney has come to the forefront to make it known that he is set on supporting Hillary Clinton by hosting a very expensive fundraiser for her. But it looks like one of Clooney’s neighbors is answering back with a fundraiser of his own for the Sand-man, Bernie. This fundraiser certainly emulates the polarizing positions of both candidates.

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George Clooney made a lot of noise when he announced his support for Hillary Clinton. He is even going as far as hosting his own fundraiser for her. But this isn’t your ordinary fundraiser, for the fact that it will cost you $334,000 just for a ticket to attend.

Of course ordinary folks like you and I look at this fundraiser and clearly see the audience that it will cater to. However, a neighbor of Clooney’s caught wind of the event and decided to help out the candidate of his choice, Bernie Sanders.

Now the irony behind Clooney’s neighbor who is hosting this fundraiser for Bernie is really impeccable, and it is someone whose business you might be familiar with.

The man’s name is, Howard Gold, and you may know of his chain of 99 Cents Only stores. He is calling his fundraising bash the “99% Party.”

Unlike the price of Clooney’s fundraiser to attend, Gold’s fundraiser will only cost you $27 for a ticket to go. Sanders supporters received an email Saturday that read:

“Swimming pools, Movie Stars, and merriment for all! This is happening right next door to Clooney’s party for Hillary!”

The invite also assures that, “no-one will be turned away for a lack of funds.”

So if you know of the the Studio City area where Clooney lives, and can’t make it to Hillary’s fundraiser for lack of funds, you won’t have to worry. The Sanders event will be held there as well and they aren’t too crazy about taking your money for you to come and have fun.

Source: The Hill