Politics: George Clooney’s Neighbor Is Throwing a Fundraiser For Bernie While Clooney Hosts For Hillary

George Clooney has come to the forefront to make it known that he is set on supporting Hillary Clinton by hosting a very expensive fundraiser for her. But it looks like one of Clooney’s neighbors is answering back with a fundraiser of his own for the Sand-man, Bernie. This fundraiser certainly emulates the polarizing positions of both candidates.

(Photos) NBA: Carmelo Anthony A.K.A Mr. Nice Watch?

“All my watches always timeless, you can keep the diamonds.” The perks of making over 100 million dollars, #TheLife. Carmelo takes to Instagram to show off a new watch. Click more to check it out!

(Photo) Like A Boss! Check Out Chris Brown’s 24ct. Gold iPhone 6!!

This is f***ing DOPE!! I don’t have many details, other than Flex shared this on IG the other day, it wasn’t made by Apple themselves, but by GoldGenie….regardless, this is some Boss Sh*t!!!!

(Video) Ladies….Would You Buy A Bra For How Much ?!?!

Ladies are you tired of not knowing your correct bra size? Well Jockey International may have the answer for you. The company is selling a new $60 bra that promises to be a better fit than you’re used to. First, you have to buy a $20 kit that includes bra cups and a tape measure to help women select the right size of their new line of bras—The Jockey Bra. Jockey says the kit includes a $20 coupon, plus a money-back guarantee on a bra (which only comes in beige, white or black) if it does not fit…Hit more after the jump…..

California Residents Find A New Way To Save On Gas

With gas prices skyrocketing, some California residents have found a new way to save money on their trips to the pump.  Click “more” below to find out how! DJ Matthew Tyler

Tech Talk Travel: Orbitz Charges Mac Users 30% More Than PC Users!!

You can easily buy a PC for a couple of hundred dollars less than a new Mac but does that mean you BMF in all aspects of life? Well Orbitz believes so, apparently they charge Mac users 30% more than PC users. Crazy right? Check out the full story after the jump. ShottaDru X TatWza

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