ifwt_iLoveMakonnen x Drake

Confirming rumors that have been floating around for some time now, a rep for iLoveMakonnen has revealed that he is no longer a part of Drake’s OVO Sound label.

The September 2014 signing seemed off from the start, as Makonnen didn’t really seem to make much sense with the Toronto-based label, and it only seemed more off as time wore on and we rarely saw Drake and Makonnen together. It was last month that really sparked people’s desire to get to the bottom of things, however. Makonnen was noticeably absent from the OVO Sound showcase at SXSW – the same week he’d dropped a new album, which would make it the ample time to perform at such a show. Oh, and the label credited on the project? Only Warner Bros. Records Inc., where as his last two releases listed both Warner and OVO Sound. Sure enough, a rep has confirmed to Inverse that Makonnen is no longer with the label that Drizzy built.

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No details were given as to a reason behind the split, but perhaps the deal was only a two-album deal, and both parties realized Makonnen wasn’t a good fit? As recently as last month, the “Tuesday” singer said there was an OVO group album coming, so it doesn’t seem like things ended on a bad note. Who knows, though! Hopefully we’ll get more info soon. In the meantime, I’m sure Makonnen will be just fine. “Tuesday” was hot before Drake jumped on it (hence WHY Drake jumped on it,) and he’s maintained a fixture on the touring circuit since then, with little to no further co-signs from him. You agree or nah?