Albert Haynesworth caught alot of flack during the latter part of his NFL career with the Redskins, Patriots and Bucs for not necessarily showing the effort needed to succeed but in this situation here he is going out of his way to help a family and community succeed. Haynesworth is offering more than $11,000 for info leading to an arrest in a drive by shooting that killed a 12 year old boy last weekend in Knoxville, Tennessee.


Haynesworth was a star at the University of Tennessee and a star with the Tennessee Titans before fizzling out with the Redskins and couple other teams before he retired and he was back in the area for a charity basketball game.

The boy, 12 year old Jajuan Latham, was killed while sitting in his father’s car near Danny Mayfield Park Saturday night. Knoxville Police say the shooting was gang-related, and so far, no arrests have been made.

Investigators have had a difficulty getting witnesses to come forward with information, despite the large number of people gathered at the park for an event. The family is pleading for anyone involved to turn themselves in. That is where Haynesworth’s offer of money comes in to play, hoping it will give someone a reason to speak up.

Ironically and tragically, The basketball event had honored Latham’s 15-year-old cousin, Zaevion Dobson, who was fatally shot Dec. 17 while protecting friends from what officials believed was a gang-related shooting.

Let’s hope someone does the right thing and help this family out. Our condolences go out to them. Salute to Haynesworth fort he gesture as well.