Ah, the 90’s. Back when Jay-Z and Lauryn Hill left a mark early in their careers and Nirvana, and other grunge acts, were tapping into every teenage kids’ depression. That decade and it’s culture seemed like so long ago but there’s some good news for these fans though. The same program that featured these mentioned artists is coming back to MTV in the same fashion as before.

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MTV’s “Unplugged” has been the home of many legendary live performances, to name them will be way to much. The artists in the 90’s and late 00’s, if given the chance, made sure their artistic talents and visions were brought on that Unplugged stage. Literally everyone wanted to leave an impact.

Unplugged never officially got cancelled. They’ve conformed to the wave of the internet and have posted many unplugged performances online (some of them via live stream) by Lykke Li, Lil Wayne, Miley Cyrus, etc. The only issue is that they don’t release it as often as they did before and also the popularity over the years, in general, have just diminished.

What’s different this time around? While MTV hasn’t really specified, they said they are going back to the old way of what made Unplugged so big in the 90’s.

“The revitalized Unplugged will restore key elements that made the franchise so groundbreaking in the first place, while resetting the show in the multi-platform video world of today.”

Not really too specific so, I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens. We can only hope they will do it justice.