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Its no surprise that the Love and Hip Hop Reality Star, Stevie J, is working on music again. Since the filming of the show, Stevie revealed that he is back working and producing, but he never confirmed with who during filming. However, in an instagram post, Stevie declared that he is working on and album with Faith Evans.

Stevie J has ties to Bad Boy dating back many years, so it is nor surprise that he would eventually be working with an affiliate to the label. Recently, Faith Evans revealed her big project that she is working on. “The King and I,” is the name of her duet album that she is putting together featuring her late husband, The Notorious B.I.G. However, Steve took to social media to let people know that he is actually working with Faith.

Whether or not they are working on a separate independent album together, or he is hard at work on her highly anticipated duet album has not yet been made clear. Either way, I’m sure that together they will bring that great R&B sound back to music today.

Take a look at the announcement directly from Stevie J in his instagram post above.


By Valerie Victor Instagram || Twitter