Dwyane Wade made a move to the basket with only a couple seconds left as his team was down 90-88. In his mind he was either going to get to the rim or draw a foul and give him a chance to tie the game but that opportunity never came. Instead Wade was denied at the rim by Cody Zeller and Courtney Lee and the clock eventually ran out, giving the Hornets a tough road victory. Many Heat fans thought Wade was fouled on the play and voiced their opinions and the loudest of them all was Wade’s wife, Gabrielle Union. She went off on the refs on twitter after the play.


Wade reacted with astonishment to the no call on the court but Gabrielle was much more aggressive with her tweets. She basically called for refs to be fined and suspended and if you’re a Heat fan you probably agree.

On the other hand, if you’re a Hornets fan, you feel the right call was made but Gabby was in no mood for debating. The Heat now find themselves on game away from elimination after being favored to make it to the Eastern Conference Finals at least.

Check the gallery for Gabrielle’s tweets. Refs might want to hide from her for a while.