In an interview comedian, Tracy Morgan, did with The Hollywood Reporter he shares some heartfelt memories and special feelings he had towards the legendary singer Prince.

With the recent passing of pop icon Prince, almost everyone is remembering how special he was and Tracy Morgan is no different.

I was getting ready to perform in Las Vegas when I heard that Prince died. I felt a real emptiness. At the end of my set, I got a standing ovation, and I said, “This standing ovation is for Prince — and I would like to have a moment of silence.” So we had one.

He even goes on to say that when his father died, he played a certain Prince song for 24 hours straight. Wow!

I remember when my pops died [in 1987], I listened to “Condition of the Heart” [from 1985 LP Around the World in a Day] as soon as we got back from the burial, for 24 hours [in a row]. That was the last song I said, “Dad, listen to this!” And my father said, “That’s a good record.”

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