IFWT_Baby with EbrointheAM
Shhhh….it’s a bit of a secret but there will be an interview happening Monday morning that you’re going to want to hear, especially if you’ve recently used the terms ‘Put some Respek on it’, or ‘No Mo’ or my favorite, ‘Are you finished or you done?’?

@birdman5star invited us over.. Gotta wear slippers inside … Tune in Monday @7A to @ebrointheam for the convo

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Trust me I’m not clownin, got nothing but Respek for that man’s name, which is Baby aka Birdman incase you weren’t sure, and all jokes aside, there seemed to be an interview that never got done, well Monday morning Baby got something to Say!!!

Keep in mind, he’s already set a tone;

@nenocalvin @hotboyog333 @birdman5star #?SUMMER #CASHMONEYRICHGANG #MSGLADYS #Blatt

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