IFWT_Google Smart Lens

Tech companies are looking for ways to innovate current forms of technology. Just the other day Sony patented a design for their own digital contact lens. But now Google has stepped in to one-up them with a smart lens that will be injected into your eyeball!

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We’ve been discussing a lot about the technological shift that is taking place all around us. Companies are moving forward with self-driving cars, and now you have tech companies looking to modify our senses. Specifically our sight.

I saw this coming as soon as virtual reality headsets started to pop up and grow. My thought was always, “what else could companies do to make technology better than what it is now?” After playing Black Ops 3 and understanding the whole premise of technological prosthetics in the game is when I realized the only way technology will move forward is by improving our senses.

As it is we’re already plugged in to our technology especially after the introduction of the smart phone. Some think of smart phones as an extension of our bodies. Now companies are getting a bit more serious about that saying. Mainly Google.

Sure you’ve heard of Sony’s contact lens that will allow you to take pictures. Google was doing something similar in 2014 but now they’re like F-that, we’re putting the whole damn thing in your eyeball!

According to Google’s patent filing for the sight modification,

“The device would replace the natural lens in your eye, and would be injected with a solution that congeals, attaching to your lens capsule.”

Although the device is thought to mainly correct poor vision, it would come with other uses too. It would include storage, sensors, a battery, and radio components so to communicate with other devices.

But you know, as cool as this all sounds you really have to consider the things that could go wrong. What if the devices stops working or malfunctions? What could this mean for your sight? How many trips to the surgery room are you going to be making to fix the device when it goes bad?

I’m sure before it’s release Google will have everything sorted out but you could never be too sure.

Nonetheless, the technological future is catching up with our time people. Soon science fiction will not be so much fiction anymore!

Source: Digital Trends