IFWT_Miesha Tate

Donald Trump has secured the republican presidential nomination.  You may remember a while back when he said Ronda Rousey supports him and she got on TV and said that’s not true.  Well of course his distain for her grew after that.  He shares that sentiment as Miesha Tate says that the one thing her and Trump have in common.

Tate says she’s not ready to give her official endorsement to Trump, but it’s clear The Donald scored some serious points with Miesha when he blasted Ronda on Twitter last year.

In case you forgot, Trump was all about rubbing salt in Ronda’s wound after her loss to Holly Holm tweeting, “Glad to see that @RondaRousey lost her championship fight last night. Was soundly beaten – not a nice person!”

Miesha loved it.

TMZ Sports also asked Tate if it’ll be tough to concentrate on her UFC 200 opponent Amanda Nunes, knowing that Dana White recently said Ronda has dibs on the winner.

Miesha insists she’s locked in and laser-focused on Nune, and says in her mind, Rousey is currently “irrelevant.”

Despite the hostility, Tate says she is happy for Ronda’s progress and wants her to continue to get better because the rematch “needs to happen.”

Rousey beat Tate twice, but Tate beat Holly Holm who beat Rousey, which sets up another possible rematch between Tate and Rousey… Yea that’s the UFC.

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