IFWT_Lily GPS Wrist Band

It looks like a lot of cameramen will be losing their jobs, as engineers at Lily Robotics develop, a durable, hands-free drone that will follow you around and take pictures. The best part is it’s so easy to use and there is barely any learning curve.

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This new personal photographer drone called, Lily, is connected to a GPS system and control panel that you wear on your wrist. When the drone is on, all you have to do is drop or throw the drone and it will activate it’s rotors to begin taking pictures and record videos of the wearer of the wrist band.

The drone’s camera is capable of taking 12 megapixel pictures as well as recording in 1080p video. Due to the drone’s flying and automated capabilities, you’ll be able to take a variety of pictures that wouldn’t otherwise be possible with a regular cameraman.

Lily tracks your movement so that the camera is fixated on you. It’s also waterproof and is able to alter frame rate depending on your movement. So if you were about to do something that requires quick motion-lets say a backflip-the drone can detect this increase in movement to increase it’s frame rate for the shot so you can have a clean slow-motion replay.

The only downside is Lily only has about 20 minutes worth of battery time.

The starting price of Lily is $499 and that price is expected to jump to $999 sometime in June. Would you cop Lily?

Source: VICE