A twenty-one year old Instagram model named Noel Bianca is coming public with her claims of mental and physical abuse at the hands of Grizzlies big man, Zach Randolph. Very recently a woman tried to accuse Randolph of attacking her as well but police quickly determined the woman’s story was a lie before the woman herself admitted she made it up. No word if this is the same woman who made those accusations but the timing would say it’s possible.


Not sure why she chose to go to Instagram to reveal the alleged abuse, as well as tag all the blog sites in her post but it is what it is. If she really wanted this to be taken seriously, she should be working with police, not social media.

In one of the postings, she says “I’m not here for your criticism or judgment. I’m making this post because after 4 years plus of dealing with this man I have had enough. Sad to say I allowed this man to take advantage of me. I’ve given him unconditional love and loyalty. You might not understand it but I really loved him. I told myself after the first time he hit me that I was done. I wasn’t. His abusive ways continued on for years. Not only is he abusive but I have contracted multiple STDs dealing with him. It’s like he had some kind of mind control over me. Knowing that I am young and naive he used that to advantage but not anymore. Enough is enough. I refuse to be involved with him any longer. I refuse to play his games. I refuse to allow him to belittle me and use me. He needs help. I pray that he gets it.”

She posted this video to her account, as well as some pictures with claims of the abuse itself.

I’ll leave it up to you guys to say if she is just seeking attention or not. Randolph is married and has been for years so all these accusations can’t be going over so well at home. In the mean time check the gallery for her other pictures.